Saturday, October 23, 2010

kediaman idaman


3 minit dari rumahku,
tepi pasar, 
tepi balai polis, 
tepi padang bola, 
hadapan surau, 
disediakan court futsal, 
disediakan court bola keranjang, 
ramai rakan seperjuangan, 
no girls


3 minit dari kolej kediaman yang disediakan kerajaan untukku,
keluarga tercinta 

i think the one and only reason for me to stay at home kinda overwrites all the reasons to stay at my college. but i feel its just wrong to stay at home when you have the chance to spend your time with the guys that will take the same exams as you do. plus, its just for a short 2 years. okay fine, not too short i guess. but still, i can always go back home whenever i want to. but then again, after that not-so-short period of time, with God's will, i'll be going to a place further. meaning no time for home at all.

so, which is more preferrable do you think? hmm?

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