Saturday, October 23, 2010

i'll do it my way

the story goes like this, I was chosen to be the project director for this little event and they said its up to me on how I wanna do it, just that it must be cheap. and so it begins..

the preparation

I said, to save budget, let's do it at INTEC's (International Education Centre) Great Hall
feedback     : kami nak hotel
my reaction : I drove my parent's car all over shah alam, searched for the most cheap but high  quality hotel

I have found the cheapest but delicious food served at a hotel, but I want to make it a surprise
feedback     : tell us the menu
my reaction : that'll ruin the surprise
feedback     : oh yeah

the next day

feedback     : tell us the menu
my reaction : that'll ruin the surprise
feedback     : oh yeah

this continued for 2 weeks

feedback     : tell us the menu or we wouldn't come
my reaction : (well, the menu of course) 
feedback     : that's delicious! but thanks for ruining the surprise
my reaction : -_-

the dinner

we set up the venue 4 hours before the dinner. sadly, the VIPs couldn't come at the very last minute

I said, well, what to do, to make it more interesting, I wanna make it an informal dinner
feedback     : kau patutnya buat formally, kalau kitorang dulu, bla bla. baru best
my reaction : ....

the projecter suddenly broke and there were no sounds for the multimedia presentation

I said, the multimedia presentation is not important, it'll be just there for the guests to watch during eating whether they want to or not
feedback     : kau suka ambil mudah semua benda kan? kau mesti tak prepare apa apa langsung. kau mesti harapkan orang lain je buat kerja. tengok apa jadi sekarang?
my reaction : (become impatient but still under control) aku datang awal kau tau ke? jangan pakai cakap je.
feedback     : kau takleh buat macam ni. kalau kitorang dulu (again? -_-) waktu presentation, lampu semua tutup, semua orang tak makan, semua tengok presentation senyap-senyap
my reaction : (seriously I was about to explode but with a soft voice I said) sabarlah, lepas ni kitorang ada games and lucky draw. lagi best (with a ****ing fake smile)

and the dinner continued well with everybody enjoying all the foods, activities and games. there were lots of laughs and joy that night. i guess the dinner turned out well anyway

now, the real deal - kalau nak aku organize, aku buat cara aku la. kalau kau nak ikut cara kau, kau buat sendiri lah. aku tau, waktu korang dulu, mesti 'best gila'. muka aku serabut, muka pemalas, tak bermaksud aku tak ada tanggungjawab. jangan buat assumptions sendiri. aku tau apa aku perlu buat, I need your guidance, not instructions. you hear me? a wise man said to me the end result reflects our efforts, and at the end, everybody had a blast, now what do you think then? you messed up with the wrong guy this time. sebab bagi aku, apa aku kisah, aku just akan buat cara aku, so you just have to live with it

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